Our Medical Director

The Mercy EMS office of the medical director and clinical operations is responsible for comprehensive medical oversight of all clinical care provided in the Mercy EMS system. The ground EMS system is currently comprised of 29 stations in 14 counties with over 400 individual providers. The system also interfaces with numerous hospitals and a vast number of first responder and fire agencies within the EMS service area.

The Mission of the Medical Director is to inform, educate and develop the specialty of prehospital care. As we grow and develop as a system comprised of so many different individuals and organizations, we rely on Mercy values to guide our progress. These values support and define how we accomplish our Mission and Vision. Our respect and compassion for others drives our commitment to the community and striving for the most advanced prehospital care possible. 

We are committed to advancing the prehospital care to our community. Advanced protocols with leading-edge equipment and resources, allows Mercy EMS to provide life-saving science and compassionate care to those in need. Our advanced protocols are continually changing with the advancement of science, clinical evidence and professional training.

Dr. Tom Lewis assumed the role of Mercy EMS Medical Director in 2015. Dr. Lewis graduated from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 2001, attended specialty training at the Michigan State / SCHI Emergency Residency Program with a special interest in prehospital care. He worked with ground and air ambulance services and developed a comprehensive regional tactical EMS system in Saginaw, Michigan. Dr. Lewis has worked at the Mercy Emergency Trauma Center in Springfield, Missouri since 2004 and helped develop an area tactical EMS program while staying involved in EMS education and training. Dr. Lewis is driven by the compassionate delivery of quality prehospital care and is actively involved in education and all aspects of clinical practice.