How's Your 5?®

A Community Resilience and Public Mental Wellness Conversation

Getting Beyond “I’m Fine”

How many times have you asked someone: “How are you doing?” They answer “fine” or “good,” and that ends the conversation? It happens every day, and you’d probably be surprised if anyone responded any differently.

Chances are good everything isn’t always just fine. But how do you break through the barriers that keep people from engaging in meaningful conversation? Research shows that when we share details of our challenges and successes, we develop closer, more meaningful relationships. We promote creative solutions that help you and those around you live healthier, happy lives.

If you really want to know how someone is doing, ask “How’s Your 5?” It’s a way of creating a common language across five fundamental domains of human experience:

  • Work – employment/school
  • Love – relationships/social support
  • Play – self-care/joyful activities
  • Sleep – sleep habits
  • Eat – food and drink

Engaging in conversations about healthy living, mental wellness and resiliency strengthens our connections with others. By using “How’s Your 5?” as a conversation starter, you can enrich the relationships and support networks you have with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

How Do I Get Started?

If your organization would like to encourage more meaningful conversations, connections and collaboration among your members, How’s Your 5? can help. We have developed a package of training tools and program materials to promote and support the program across organizations – large and small.

We’ll discuss your goals and challenges and develop a plan to introduce the How’s Your 5? program to people in your organization.

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Born Out of a Disaster

How’s Your 5 is a professional grade product created and used successfully in Joplin, Missouri, during its recovery from a tornado that devastated the city on May 22, 2011.

Three months after the tornado, Mercy Hospital co-workers held a series of community focus groups to identify ways they could support social or emotional recovery and resiliency in children and adults recovering from the tornado. The community identified the How’s Your 5? domains of work, love, play, sleep, and diet as areas of concern that had been negatively impacted by the natural disaster.