Mercy CrossFit - Fort Smith

Mercy CrossFit - Fort Smith

CrossFit is designed to let every athlete perform a wide range of functional movements at the intensity level appropriate to their abilities. Mercy CrossFit in Fort Smith keeps this idea front and center in every workout, and we design detailed and individualized regimens that inspire athletes to challenge themselves and have fun at the same time.

We work to challenge each athlete; improve their performance; and introduce functional movements to all athletes in a safe, encouraging, driven and social environment.

At Mercy CrossFit, we're there for our athletes at the beginning of their fitness journey and work with them throughout the process of getting and staying fit. Mercy Sports Medicine pros coach and guide athletes over obstacles, keep them focused and accountable, and give them a template for lifelong fitness.

Mercy CrossFit endorses and uses SugarWOD. SugarWOD is expert-designed software that lets athletes score their WODs daily, log personal workouts and track their progress throughout their fitness journey.

All equipment is provided.

"The needs of our Olympic athletes and grandparents differ by degree, not kind." - Glassman

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