Mercy Hyperbaric and Wound Care - Mercy Plaza

4140 W. Memorial Road
Suite 107
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Fax: (405) 936-5899
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Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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Mercy Hyperbaric and Wound Care offers specialized treatment of nonhealing wounds, such as those caused by

You or your primary care physician can refer your case to us, by calling 405-936-5888 and we can do the rest.

We are uniquely staffed with a full-time physician board-certified in family medicine as well as wound care and hyperbaric medicine, who will follow your entire course of healing. We also have a dedicated podiatrist on staff to treat more complicated foot wounds.

We have direct access to a full array of specialists in general surgery, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, diabetes management, and others to assist with getting the appropriate level of care in the most expedient manner.

For more information about our hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other treatments for chronic or nonhealing wounds, call Mercy Hyperbaric and Wound Care at (405) 936-5888.

Treatment Options

  • Specialized wraps and dressings that safeguard wounds from infection while allowing them to heal quickly.
  • Sharp debridement, when warranted, to prepare the wound bed for faster healing.
  • Vascular assessment for wound healing including Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) and transcutaneous oxygenation of tissue (TcPO2).
  • Cellular tissue-based products (CTPs) for qualifying wounds.
  • Wound vacuum negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT).
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which immerses wounds in pure oxygen to promote healing and fight infection.
    • We also use HBOT for special conditions such as radiation soft tissue injury including radiation cystitis and radiation proctitis, osteoradionencrosis (ORN), CO poisoning and others.

Our Providers

Stephen Michael Barr, MD, Mercy
Wound Care
Mercy Clinic
Shelley S. Cragg, PA, Mercy
Wound Care
Mercy Clinic
Sonya Eisenhour Leck, PA, Mercy
Wound Care
Mercy Clinic