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Diagnostic Imaging Kansas

We use sophisticated imaging technologies to help diagnose a wide range of health conditions. Our CT scans and MRIs provide unprecedented detail, allowing doctors to see internal body structures as small as a grain of sand. And we’re equipped with radiation-reduction software, so you receive the least radiation possible during procedures.

As a Mercy patient, you’ll have access to MyMercy – a free online tool and app that allows you to connect with your care team and manage your health.

Weight-Bearing MRI

Our imaging center has the region’s only upright, weight-bearing (440 pounds) open MRI. Our certified and highly trained professionals ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure.

Fluoroscopy X-Ray

We offer state-of-the-art Fluoroscopy x-ray, which displays moving images on a monitor during your procedure. Fluoroscopy is used for procedures such as a barium swallow (x-ray of the mouth, throat and esophagus), arthrogram (joint x-ray) and myelogram (spinal x-ray).