Social Communication Groups for Children

The Social Communication Groups program assists children who have difficulty with socialization due to conditions such as high-functioning autism, Asperger Syndrome and nonverbal learning disorders. The curriculum is based on the pioneering work of Michelle Garcia Winner, who developed a program called Social Thinking®.

What Is Social Thinking?

Social Thinking examines what we do when we interact with people: We think about them, they think about us. The way we think about others impacts how we behave and how others respond to us, which in turns impacts our own emotions. When we apply Social Thinking to our Social Communication Groups, we help children understand:

  • How social behaviors affect relationships.
  • How and why people respond the way they do.
  • How and why people experience different emotional reactions, perceptions and abilities when processing social information.
  • How to respond to other people and situations in an ever-changing environment.

Is My Child a Good Fit for This Program?

If your child has difficulty making and maintaining friendships, relating to peers or family members, problem solving, compromising, starting conversations or activities with

peers, then a social group is the perfect setting to practice these skills.

How Are the Groups Designed?

Social Communication Groups allow children to learn and practice social thinking skills in a comfortable setting among peers, with the guidance of two pediatric therapists. Groups

are determined by age and by the child’s ability to relate to other individuals’ perspectives. Homework may be assigned, so your child can begin using these skills in a natural


Finding the Right Group for Your Child

To determine appropriate group placement, each child must complete a social language assessment. Our team will develop individual goals for your child and help your child

work toward those goals successfully.

Groups ages Pre-K to high school meet once a week at Mercy Kids Therapy Services at 12680 Olive Blvd in St. Louis.

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