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Patients may be referred to our Pulmonary Function Labs for a variety of concerns: to determine the cause of breathing problems; to diagnose a lung condition, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); to evaluate lung function before surgery; or to monitor treatment for lung disease. In our labs, specialists care for adults and children, using sophisticated pulmonary function tests to provide an accurate diagnosis.  

Some of our lung function tests include:

  • Spirometry – a measure of how much air moves out of your lungs and how quickly
  • Lung volumes – a measure of the amount of air you are able to exhale
  • Diffusion capacity – checks how well gases are absorbed into the bloodstream
  • Oxygen walk studies – an observational test to determine a patient’s need for oxygen therapy
  • Methacholine challenges for adults – testing that can help diagnose asthma
  • Impulse oscillometry for children – a specialized test that collects results as a child breathes normally