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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Tishomingo

Your Mercy Pulmonary Rehabilitation team works with your doctor to develop an individual plan for your recovery. We’ll use our expertise to keep you healthy and active with your pulmonary disease. Our focus is on rehabilitation, education and helping you to modify the risk factors that may make your condition worse.

Goals of Pulmonary Rehab

Reducing pulmonary disease symptoms begins with education. When you learn about your condition and how to manage it best, you can take real control of your health. Here are some ways we work with you to help:

  • We’ll teach you strategies that prevent or reduce your pulmonary exacerbations.
  • We’ll show techniques to manage your medications effectively.
  • Our “Benefits of Exercise” class teaches you to get the most from your exercise and techniques for developing strong habits.
  • While it is best if you have already quit tobacco products, we will assist in your smoking cessation efforts to develop a quitting strategy, deal with recovery symptoms, control weight, manage stress and remain smoke-free through positive behavior changes.
  • Through individual or group sessions, we teach stress management and breathing techniques.

Pulmonary Rehab Phases

We develop a program with your doctor to help you cope with lung disease. There are three phases of your rehabilitation:

  • Phase I begins while you are in the hospital and focuses on education and exercise therapy for pulmonary disease.
  • Phase II, outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation, begins at with education and supervised exercise. Combining exercise and respiratory therapy, we will help you reach your best possible level of activity. 
  • Phase III is the maintenance phase of the program. The focus is on maintaining your health and current level of activity with minimal pulmonary symptoms and increase exercise tolerance. You’ll learn to up your present exercise program and establish lifelong habits. Phase III is not covered by insurance but has a low monthly fee, and there will always be someone in attendance to assist you if needed. If you don’t bring your own, oxygen is available at a minor fee per visit that will be added to your monthly fee.