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Did you know that 40 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder? Most of these cases go undiagnosed, which means millions of us aren’t getting the sleep we need. The Mercy Sleep Center in Ardmore, Okla., is here to help.

Why is sleep so important?

Untreated sleep disorders have been linked to conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, depression, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Some signs of unhealthy sleep are:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Falling asleep at work or during routine activities when you want to be awake.

How can we help you sleep?

At Mercy Hospital Ardmore, we diagnose and treat sleep disorders including:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep apnea
  • Restless legs syndrome

Our full-service sleep medicine program includes both sleep clinic and lab. The sleep clinic provides a comfortable environment where you can talk one-on-one about your sleep issues with our sleep medicine physician. Our sleep lab offers rooms designed to feel like home. You’ll rest while skilled sleep technicians monitor your sleep, with oversight by our sleep medicine physician.

A Sleep Center study is the first step in returning to a healthy sleep routine.

We’ll have you sleeping better in no time, helping you get the rest you need to feel your best. Ask your doctor for a referral to the Sleep Center at Mercy Hospital Ardmore or call our Sleep Clinic to schedule an appointment directly with our board certified sleep physician.

What is a sleep study?

During a sleep study, you stay overnight, with sensors placed at various points on the body to measure brain waves, heart rate, eye movements and airflow. Information from the sensors is relayed to a sleep technician in a nearby room. We send results to your referring physician.

Is the study uncomfortable?

Surprisingly, most people sleep as if they were at home. You will be able to move in your sleep as you normally would. This is a noninvasive procedure. There are no needles involved and the procedure is painless. Our staff will try to make your sleeping environment as comfortable as possible; the sleep rooms are set up more like a hotel room, not a hospital room.