Mercy Sleep Center - Carthage

3125 Dr. Russell Smith Way
Carthage, MO 64836
Fax: (417) 659-6806
Hours of Operation:
By appointment only.

Anyone can experience an occasional night of poor sleep. But when sleep loss becomes a continual problem, the Mercy Sleep Center in Carthage, MO is here to help. The effects on your health can be serious and can include:

Sleep disorders may be caused by insomniasleep apnearestless leg syndrome or other health conditions.

In our Sleep Lab, we determine the cause of your sleep disorder and help your doctor develop an effective treatment plan. Testing may include:

  • A written survey of your sleep habits
  • ApneaLink, an at-home screening tool
  • An interventional sleep study to monitor your breathing, heart rate and brain waves in a comfortable suite at our facility

Admission to the Sleep Lab is by physician referral only. If sleep loss is disrupting your daily life, talk with your doctor.

Services Offered