In the view of Chinese medicine, the body’s energy flow can be disrupted by pain or illness. Therefore, acupuncture works by restoring and balancing energy flow in addition to stimulating our body’s natural ability to heal. Western medicine takes a slightly different perspective. Here, many practitioners believe that acupuncture supports health simply by boosting your body's natural painkillers and increasing blood flow. Since acupuncture has very few side effects, it can provide a safe, helpful way to control pain.

In clinical research, acupuncture has been shown to be effective in treating many types of chronic pain, including:

At Mercy, we believe that acupuncture can be useful as a complement to conventional medical treatments. 

Before you try acupuncture, it’s a good idea to see your doctor first. Your doctor may recommend acupuncture along with other treatment methods such as medication or physical therapy. And if you choose acupuncture, you’ll find the best in care at Mercy. Our acupuncture treatment is provided by licensed, board-certified practitioners. 


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