Amputation Therapy & Rehabilitation


At Mercy we understand the complex needs of those who have lost an arm or leg to an injury or disease. An amputation not only affects you physically, but also mentally, emotionally and, perhaps, spiritually.

As our doctors and therapists help you adjust and recover physically, they are ever-mindful of how important the mind and spirit are to the healing process.

Mercy Therapy Services assist those who have had an amputation due to trauma, peripheral vascular disease or any other medical condition. This includes amputations above and below the knee, and above and below the elbow.

We provide complete and personalized care after your amputation surgery, as well as before and after receiving an artificial limb, also called a prosthesis. Your treatment team includes a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, a prosthetist (a person who makes and fits artificial limbs) and physical and occupational therapists. Your team can also include social workers and counselors.

Once you are ready for your prosthesis, we will develop a therapy and rehabilitation program to help you develop the needed strength and flexibility, and learn how to perform everyday activities. Our goal is to get you back to living life with all the mobility and independence possible. 

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