Aquatic Therapy


We all know the joy of floating, swimming and relaxing in a swimming pool. The same qualities that make water so enjoyable can also help promote fitness and healing in patients with injuries or chronic illnesses.

Floating in water reduces the effects of gravity on the body. Movement and exercises become easier and less painful as weight on the joints is reduced. At the same time, water creates smooth and low-impact resistance to work muscles, flex joints and elevate your heart rate.

Patients who have had difficulty with traditional therapy often show improvement and better outcomes with aquatic therapy (also known as water therapy, pool therapy or aquatics). The benefits of aquatic therapy may allow for exercise treatment to be used earlier in the healing process than is possible with other treatments.

Aquatic therapy is often used to improve:

  • Muscular coordination and endurance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Awareness of posture
  • Range of motion
  • Core muscle strength to stabilize the spine
  • A reduction in swelling
  • Gait (walking) mechanics

Aquatic therapy is conducted by specially trained physical therapists. Activities consist of cardiovascular endurance and conditioning exercises, such as walking, jogging, jumping, swimming, kicking and other continuous rhythmic activities.

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