An asthma attack can be frightening. When you can't breathe, or start coughing or wheezing, it's only natural to panic and fear the worst. Asthma symptoms may be severe or fairly mild, and can last for just an hour or up to several days. Some common situations that are considered asthma triggers include:

  • An allergy such as pollen, pet dander, or cockroaches
  • Exercise
  • Workplace dust, gases, or chemical fumes

During an asthma attack, your airways swell and narrow. You might feel tightness or pain in your chest. Because you may be coughing or feel short of breath, you may also have trouble sleeping.

Controlling Your Asthma

If you ignore your symptoms, asthma can damage your airways and lungs or create other health problems. It can even lead to a life-threatening asthma attack called anaphylaxis. That's why it's important to see a physician or health care provider who can help you treat and manage your asthma.

At Mercy, our care team will help you treat your asthma attacks as they occur. 

They will work together to track your symptoms and adjust your treatment as needed. With the right action plan, you will be able to reduce inflammation in your airways and lungs. You'll be able to stop problems before they happen.

Asthma may be a lifelong issue, but it does not have to limit you.

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