Blood Sugar (Glucose) Monitoring


If you have diabetes, keeping close tabs on your blood sugar (glucose) helps you manage symptoms and avoid complications. Being able to know your blood sugar levels at any given time can help you make better choices about the foods you eat, the physical activity you participate in and the medications you take.

Periodic Monitoring

You can measure your blood sugar periodically using a meter that pricks your finger to obtain and analyze a small blood sample. People with diabetes must use this type of monitor several times a day to check blood sugar levels.

Continuous Blood Sugar Monitoring

With continuous blood sugar monitoring, you use a small wearable device that tracks your blood sugar levels continuously throughout the day and night. A tiny sensor under the skin reads levels in the tissue and sends readings to a wireless monitor. This real-time information about blood sugar levels can help you detect trends and patterns. The data can give you and your doctor a more complete picture, so you can find ways to better manage your diabetes.

Monitoring you blood sugar is essential to effectively managing your diabetes and staying healthy. Your Mercy diabetes specialist can help you decide which testing method is best for you.

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