Brachioplasty FAQs

Arm Lift Surgery Questions & Answers

An arm lift procedure, also known as Brachioplasty, is a type of plastic surgery that reshapes the contours of your upper arms by tightening tissue and removing excess fat. It can help redefine your upper arms and improve your body image. Find the answers to frequently asked questions about arm lift surgery below.

During an arm lift surgery, your Mercy doctor will make several incisions on the inside or backs of your arms. They will tighten the tissue of your arm and then pull your skin back over the incision area. The whole procedure can take several hours to complete. 

Following your Brachioplasty procedure, your arm may be wrapped in elastic bandages to minimize swelling. Tubes might also be placed in your arm to drain any excess fluids. Some stitches will dissolve on their own, but talk to your Mercy doctor to see if others will need to be removed manually. 

Yes. Incision scars from an arm lift procedure are permanent but tend to appear in areas on the arm that aren’t easily visible to others. It’s possible that injections of certain medications and other treatments may be used to soften their appearance. 

Most insurance plans won’t cover an arm lift procedure. However, if you are experiencing limited arm functionality or have an infection near a skinfold, there’s a chance that an exception can be made. Talk to your insurance provider for more information. 

While everybody heals differently, you can expect to stay home from work and school for at least 2 weeks following your arm lift surgery. After approximately 4 to 6 weeks you should be able to resume all of your normal activities.