Breast Reduction Surgery


What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Due to genetics, diet, or lifestyle, men can also experience issues with large breasts. In any case, Mercy is here to help. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are experts in breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty. Through safe and effective techniques, our surgeons help you discover a new, lighter you.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that removes excess tissue, fat, and skin to achieve a breast size that’s proportionate to your body. The procedure can also improve the contour, symmetry and appearance of the breast, and improve your quality of life.

Why is Breast Reduction Surgery Done?

Many women choose breast reduction to eliminate back pain, neck pain, headaches and other discomforts associated with overly large breasts. Large breasts not only strain your body, but can make fitting your clothes and feeling confident a daily chore.

Breast Reduction Surgery Options

At Mercy, we conduct the proper exams to determine which breast reduction procedure is best for you. Our coordinated approach brings ease and comfort to the process. No matter your situation, you will find expert care and peace of mind at Mercy. Depending on your breast size and desired goal, our cosmetic surgeons will recommend the one of following techniques.

Vertical Breast Reduction

Vertical breast reduction is ideal for moderate breast reduction. It minimizes scarring by making an incision around the nipple (areola) and vertically below the breast. The technique also creates a rounder, more natural look.

Inverted-T Reduction

Inverted-T reduction is ideal for major breast reduction. It involves three incisions: one around your nipple, one down your breast, and one across the underside of the breast. This T-shaped pattern allows for maximum tissue removal and reshaping.

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