Comprehensive Burn Care

It happens to everyone. We’ve all burned our hands with a frying pan, stove burner or scalding hot coffee spill. These burns tend to be minor and can be easily treated at home. For all other burns, there’s Mercy. In fact, Mercy has the largest burn center in Missouri. We have special expertise in treating severe burns, whether they are caused by fire, extreme heat, electricity, friction or chemicals. 

Management & Treatment of Burns

For many of the most common burns, we can treat you through outpatient services. For more severe burns, you can count on getting the best possible care at Mercy’s exceptional burn care centers. At Mercy, our burn care specialists are dedicated to you from the time you come in all the way through rehabilitation.

If your burn is deep, infected or spread over a large area of the body, come to Mercy for immediate medical attention. We are able to use skin grafts to minimize scarring or to cover large wounds. Our comprehensive approach to care means that for serious burns, we can also provide emotional support and follow-up care such as physical therapy and occupational therapy through our burn therapy services.

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