Child Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


What child hasn’t been told to sit still, be quiet or finish your homework? With a gentle reminder, most children will curb their youthful energy. But some children find it difficult to focus or complete a task, no matter how often they are told to do so, causing frustration for both parent and child. This could be a case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Some behaviors associated with ADHD are normal, but a child with ADHD will have trouble controlling them and will show them much more frequently. The symptoms of ADHD in children include:

  • Becoming bored with a task quickly
  • Trouble completing homework assignments
  • Struggling to follow directions
  • Fidgeting or squirming
  • Non-stop talking
  • Touching or playing with everything
  • Acting without regard for consequences, blurting things out
  • Difficulty taking turns, waiting or sharing

The frequent reminders to “be quiet” or “take turns” can make parenting a child with ADHD challenging and exhausting for you and your child. But with treatment, most children with ADHD can be successful in school, work and lead productive lives.

If you think your child might suffer from ADHD, Mercy can help. 

Our pediatricians can diagnose ADHD and refer you to behavioral health experts who specialize in treating children and teenagers. Our behavioral health specialists also can show you how to help your child make positive changes. At Mercy, we help children and their families achieve the balance needed to have productive, less stressful lives.

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