Child Craniofacial Anomaly


We treasure the differences that make our children special. Their bright eyes, warm smiles and chubby cheeks can fill a room with a light all their own. Yet birth defects of the face can put out that light and be devastating to a child’s self-image, leaving scars both visible and invisible.

Birth defects involving the face, neck, skull or jaw are known as craniofacial anomalies. They appear in many forms and can affect more than appearance:

  • Cleft palate or cleft lip, which can lead to ear infections, hearing loss and speech difficulties.
  • Misshapen skull, often called craniosynostosis. This condition is caused when the soft spots in a baby’s skull close too early. As the baby’s brain grows, the skull can become more misshapen.
  • Jaw abnormalities.

Children with craniofacial anomalies require the expertise and compassion of special doctors.

The pediatric plastic surgeons at Mercy Kids are specifically trained to evaluate and treat children of all ages. We’ll repair the damage and minimize scarring, seen and unseen, while providing a warm, supportive atmosphere to help your child feel comfortable and safe.

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