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How’s Your 5?®

A Community Resilience and Public Mental Wellness Program

We live in a very busy world. Our lives can be like riding a fast train where people, places and moments pass by in a blur. We are moving so fast that we don’t take the time to care for ourselves or other people.

Mercy's How’s Your 5? community mental health program creates a common language to support each other across the five fundamental domains of human experience:

  1. Work – employment/school
  2. Love – relationships/social support
  3. Play – self-care/joyful activities
  4. Sleep – sleep habits
  5. Eat – food and drink

Importance of Getting Beyond “I’m Fine”

According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report “…more than 40% of all workers face high stress in their jobs, negatively affecting their productivity, health, and family stability.” Our How’s Your 5? virtual seminars, in-house training and online materials have been developed for companies and community organizations to provide the skills needed to:

  • strengthen connections
  • engage in meaningful conversations
  • enrich personal relationships
  • develop mental resiliency
  • encourage mental health support networks among family, friends, neighbors and co-workers

How Do We Get Started?

If your organization would like to encourage more meaningful conversations, connections and collaboration among your members, How’s Your 5? can help.

We have developed a series of training tools and program materials that promote and support mental health across organizations – large and small.

Contact us and we’ll discuss your goals and challenges. Working together, we'll develop a plan to introduce the How’s Your 5? community mental health program to people in your organization.

Our Impact

Born out of Disaster

How’s Your 5? was used successfully in Joplin, Missouri, during its recovery from a tornado that devastated the city on May 22, 2011.

Three months after the tornado directly hit their workplace, Mercy Hospital co-workers held a series of community focus groups to identify ways they could support social or emotional recovery and resiliency in children and adults recovering from the tornado. The community identified the How’s Your 5? domains of work, love, play, sleep, and diet as areas of concern that had been negatively impacted by the natural disaster.

Because of the intentional focus on How’s Your 5?, the community of Joplin and co-workers of Mercy Hospital remain focused on maintaining a healthy state of mind.

How’s Your 5? In Action

Broadmoor Improvement Association - New Orleans, LA

Broadmor Improvement Association (BIA) has supported the evolving needs of their diverse community since 1930. Recently, their Wellness Director & Clinical Supervisor, Anamaria Villamarin-Lupin, found that “…we were still disconnected in the way we articulated and connected with our community and internally on exactly what wellness and mental wellness mean for people.”

After connecting with the team at How’s Your 5?, we developed a training plan that included two on-site sessions, one for internal staff and the other being open to the community. The overall goal was for participants to become more aware of how mental health, physical and community health all contribute to the well-being of the area.

Now members of BIA and the community are pausing more often and really engaging with each other in support of their mental health. BIA is also using the principles learned as a lens through which they can develop more meaningful and supportive programming opportunities for the community.   

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If you have questions about How’s Your 5? and how it can have a positive impact on your organization, please contact us.

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