The Mercy Mission

As part of our mission and heritage for almost 200 years, we care for those in our community regardless of the illness or circumstance. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. Our Sisters of Mercy, long known as the Walking Sisters, have always turned and walked toward those in need. Whether it was a cholera or typhoid epidemic in Dublin, Ireland, in the early 1800s, or a smallpox outbreak in Springfield, Missouri, at the turn of the century, the Sisters were many times the first to serve, without hesitation, whenever needed. 

Today, Mercy’s mission remains unchanged. We serve our communities with compassionate care, dignity and medical expertise.

In these challenging times, we’re grateful for our doctors, nurses, care teams and those working tirelessly behind the scenes—all to ensure that Mercy continues to provide safe, quality, compassionate care to those entrusted to us. We pray that our communities be granted wellness and healing, and that our co-workers be blessed with courage, stamina and fortitude.

Prayers Welcome

As we stand with our communities to fight COVID-19, we are grateful for your prayers. If you would like to share a prayer to encourage our patients and caregivers, visit