Developmental Delay Services

Parents look forward to checking off the milestones of childhood: first words, first steps, learning to ride a bike. For children with development delays, though, some of those milestones occur much later, or not at all. The delays can affect the way your child talks, moves or relates to other people.

Signs that your child might have a developmental delay include:

  • No babbling, pointing or other gestures by 12 months.
  • Inability to say single words by 16 months.
  • Inability to use two-word phrases by 24 months, with the exception of repeating phrases.
  • Loss of language or social skills at any age.

Mercy works with you to spot developmental delays as soon as possible. Our pediatricians include checks for delays as a routine part of our wellness exams, but the sooner you suspect a developmental delay and seek help from your doctor, the better.

At Mercy, you’ll find a team of pediatricians working with specialists in speech, behavioral and physical therapy to help your child with his or her specific challenges. We develop a comprehensive, personalized care plan that includes frequent evaluations, therapy and other support services, both for your child and your family. We work together with family members to give your child the chance to reach his or her full potential.

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