Facial Trauma

A serious facial injury should be treated at once. The sooner you visit your doctor, dentist or an emergency room, the sooner you can get a head start on a successful recovery.

Facial trauma is most commonly the result of a car accident, sports injury or a bad fall. But how do you know the difference between serious and minor facial injuries? There are several good indicators to help in deciding when to seek medical attention:

  • Suspicion of a broken bone
  • Difficulty in breathing due to nose bleeding or swelling
  • Double vision or blurry vision
  • Missing teeth

Mercy offers both emergency care and in-office care for all types of facial cuts, bruises and bone fractures. In addition to providing immediate treatment, we will also check for signs of related problems, such as a possible skull injury.

At Mercy, we will provide the treatment you need – whether it’s a bandage, stitches or advanced surgery. From the moment you walk in to the time your injuries heal, we will keep you informed and as comfortable as possible.

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