Health Screenings and Exams

Wellness exams are a vital part of living a healthy life. These annual preventive exams with your primary care provider can potentially spot health concerns early, resulting in more effective treatment.

Types of wellness visits offered at Mercy:

What to Expect at an Annual Wellness Exam

We recommend preparing for your annual wellness visit by writing down all the medications you’re taking, along with dosages and any questions you’d like to ask. Your Mercy primary care provider will ask about your medical and family history, check your vital signs, administer immunizations and perform routine screenings, such as checking for high blood pressure, checking your heart rate and other vital signs. Additional follow-up health screenings and tests may be recommended based on age, gender, symptoms and risk factors.

Health Screening Tests

Screenings are important to your long-term health because they could lead to early detection and treatment of certain diseases. Preventive services like these can help identify problems before symptoms even appear, reducing your risk for heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, heart disease and other serious health conditions.

Knowing which health screenings are recommended can be confusing. Your Mercy primary care provider will offer individualized medical advice on screenings that benefit you most based on your age, gender, overall health habits and family health history.

Types of Screening Tests Offered at Mercy

Mercy offers access to specialized care that’s coordinated with your primary care provider. Learn more about the types of health screenings available:

General Health Screenings

Cardiovascular – including Coronary Calcium Scan and Cardiovascular Screenings

Endocrine Disorder – including Prolactin, Cortisol and Thyroid Gland Tests

Hearing – including Audiology Exam

Osteoporosis – including Bone Density Scan

Cancer Screenings

Colon Cancer – including Colonoscopy

Diabetes – including A1c Blood Test

Lung Cancer – including Low-dose CT

Skin Cancer – including Skin Exam

Women’s Cancer Screenings

Cervical Cancer – including Pap Smear

Breast Cancer – including Genetic Testing and Breast Imaging  

Ovarian Cancer – including Ultrasound Imaging

Men’s Cancer Screenings

Prostate Cancer – including PSA and DRE

Talk to your Mercy primary care doctor to learn if you’d benefit from any of these specialized screening tests.

Mercy primary care providers offer:

Early Detection – preventive care with annual physical wellness exams.

Coordinated Approach – will connect you to Mercy specialists and coordinate on your care plan.

Convenient Access – with online scheduling and lab results online via MyMercy.

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