Hip and Knee Care


Hip and knee problems can occur at any stage of life. And whether you blew out your knee playing football or have chronic hip pain, Mercy’s orthopedic specialists will put you on the path to recovery. We’ve helped thousands of hip and knee patients overcome injury, disease and other problems that make walking difficult.

Understanding the Hip and Knee

Your hips and knees are large, weight-bearing joints. They help you stand, walk and perform powerful movements like running, jumping and squatting. And they often endure forces several times your body weight.

The knee is a hinge joint made up of three bones: the bottom of your thigh, the top of your shin bone and your kneecap.

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint. The top of your thigh bone has a rounded shape, like a ball. It fits into a bowl-shaped hollow (socket) in your pelvis.

Both pairs of joints are held together and protected by various tissues. Ligaments connect the bones to other bones. Tendons connect bones and muscles. And a layer of slippery tissue called cartilage covers the ends of your bones. This helps them glide against each other during movement.

If something harms your hip or knee joint, including a bone or the surrounding tissue, you may have pain, swelling and other symptoms that make it hard to get around.

Mercy's orthopedic team includes doctors with advanced training and experience in hip and knee disorders. 

Hip & Knee Care at Mercy

Our areas of expertise include:

If hip or knee problems threaten your mobility, turn to Mercy. We’ll help take away your pain and other symptoms – and give you a new lease on life.

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