Infusion Therapy


With Mercy’s infusion therapy, you can be confident that you are getting safe, effective and convenient care.

Infusion therapy may be needed when your condition cannot be treated effectively by pills or other oral medications. Most often, the drug is delivered directly into the veins by IV, but infusion therapy may also refer to situations in which medications are provided through intramuscular injections or epidural routes.

When you visit one of Mercy’s outpatient infusion centers, you will enjoy care in a comfortable, friendly and well-lighted setting.

Our infusion services include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Complex biologicals
  • Blood products
  • IV including fluids, antiemetics, antibiotics and analgesics
  • Immunotherapy
  • Injectable medications
  • Investigational therapies

Some communities offer cold capping, a treatment in which caps, cooled to very cold temperatures, are worn before, during and after chemotherapy to reduce hair loss.

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