Lupus and Pregnancy Support


If you have lupus and are ready to start a family, you’ll be glad to know that most of moms with lupus have healthy babies and do not experience serious complications.

However, it’s important to understand that lupus increases the risk of miscarriage, preterm pregnancy, preeclampsia and lupus flares. That means you’ll need extra care and attention throughout your pregnancy. 

Mercy's specialists in high-risk pregnancies have the expertise and experience to care for moms-to-be with lupus. Together, we'll provide the guidance and expert medical treatment you need to start or grow your family.

Successfully managing your lupus improves your likelihood of having a healthy pregnancy. Our Mercy specialists will help you do this by:

  • Getting your lupus under control. We help you manage lupus so you are in tip-top shape to have a baby.
  • Understanding your risks. We discuss the pros and cons of various care plans so you can decide what's best.
  • Reviewing your medications. We help you understand which lupus medications are safe to use during pregnancy, and alternatives if needed.
  • Prenatal care. We’ll arrange for extensive prenatal testing, which are especially important for moms with lupus, and help you understand the results.

Our coordinated and comprehensive care makes it easier for moms-to-be to enjoy their pregnancy. We know that every woman with lupus has a different experience, and at Mercy, we make it a priority to understand your unique situation and design a personalized care plan for you and your baby.

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