Medicines can do wonders to relieve pain, fight infections and cure or manage a disease. But they're only safe when handled with the utmost care. At Mercy, we provide you with accurate prescriptions, convenient service and helpful guidance.

When you choose a Mercy pharmacy, you'll be served by a pharmacist qualified to assist you with not only your basic prescription refills, but also with those hard-to-find, hard-to-fill prescriptions.

Most Mercy pharmacies can:

  • Provide same-day prescription service or delivery to your home or office
  • Flavor oral medications for a better-tasting way to get better
  • Offer inject-able medications like insulin for diabetes
  • Sell and rent breast pumps to new mothers
  • Fill a prescription online

If you have questions about your medications, a Mercy pharmacist technician will be happy to help. Ask when you pick up your medication or call your preferred Mercy pharmacy.

What is a compound prescription?

Mercy pharmacists are specially trained and licensed to formulate compounded medications. Compound drugs require a prescription and are prepared by qualified pharmacists who mix and adjust drug ingredients to meet your specific needs. Compound medications may be necessary when:

  • An alternative form of the medication makes it easier for you to use (e.g., liquid vs. pills)
  • You are allergic to certain ingredients in commercially prepared medications
  • A particular medication is no longer available from the manufacturer
  • You need a tailored dosage of a particular drug
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