Orthopedic Reconstruction


Reconstructive Orthopedics at Mercy 

If you've suffered a serious bone or muscle injury, or a long-lasting condition has gotten worse over time, it may be a good idea to consider reconstructive orthopedic surgery.

At Mercy, we're dedicated to bringing the best reconstructive orthopedic treatments and technologies to people in all our communities. So no matter where you live, you won't have to travel far to receive industry-leading health care.

At Mercy, once you come in for your visit, you'll have instant access to a wide range of providers for any specific follow-up needs.

Plus, you'll be able to talk with your doctor on MyMercy, our app designed to coordinate all your care in one convenient place. 


Overcoming Challenges Through Reconstruction

Many people are hesitant to have an orthopedic procedure done. They choose to live with their injury or condition rather than deal with the prospect of surgery and recovery. But that can often mean sacrificing quality of life and motor skills.

You might not know it, but reconstructive surgery is often the best way to overcome chronic pain or correct a structural problem in the musculoskeletal system. That's where we come in.

Our expert providers have seen and done it all. So no matter what your condition is, we can quickly diagnose it and determine the best treatment to get you back to living life to the fullest. 

Considering Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgery? 

It’s natural to have a lot of questions or concerns if your doctor has recommended reconstructive orthopedic surgery. Rest assured our expert orthopedic specialists have helped thousands of patients get back on their feet after surgery.

At Mercy, we're committed to helping you find the best path forward for your lifestyle, no matter your injury or condition. That's why we stay up on the latest treatments and technologies, to give you a range of options to choose from.

If you decide to move forward with surgery, we'll make sure you understand all the benefits and risks of your procedure. We’ll also make sure you know exactly what to expect before, during and after your surgery, including rehabilitation.

Following your procedure, we'll easily be able to set you up with the appropriate specialist for your recovery, thanks to our integrated network of providers. If you need to see an occupational therapist, for example, we can refer you right away.

If you’re tired of dealing with the pain from an orthopedic injury or condition, talk to your Mercy doctor about treatment options. We'll create a plan together to help relieve your symptoms and put you on the right path toward recovery. 

Understanding Foot and Ankle Reconstruction

While Mercy's reconstructive orthopedics experts have experience treating all types of injuries, foot and ankle reconstruction is the most common procedure.

You may hear it referred to as foot surgery, ankle surgery, foot reconstruction or ankle reconstruction. But no matter what you call it, the goal is to help your foot or ankle function and feel better.

Foot and ankle reconstructive surgery is used to treat many injuries and disorders, including: 

We know that considering reconstructive orthopedic surgery is a big deal. And there are many factors that may affect your decision. At Mercy, we'll help empower you to move forward with your care in a way you understand fully. Make an appointment today. 

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