Robotic Surgery

Robot-assisted surgery, or robotic surgery, allows surgeons to preform certain types of minimally invasive surgery with more precision and control than ever before. For many patients, surgery that utilizes the da Vinci robotic surgery system means shorter hospital stays, less pain and fewer complications.

Safe surgery performed by qualified experts

Robotic surgery is only as advanced as the women and men behind the machine. Mercy requires surgeons to complete an extensive training program that includes a minimum number of simulated and supervised, hands-on surgeries before joining our robotics team.

In addition to the surgery staff, our nursing and support teams must earn special robotic certification.

If you are having a robot-assisted surgery preformed at Mercy know that you have made an excellent choice for your health - our experienced surgeons, and the rest of your care team, are here to get you back on your feet and feeling your best again.

Types of da Vinci Surgical Procedures:


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Robotic Surgery