Age & Bariatric Surgery

You may have heard that weight loss surgery is only for the young, but times are changing.

Studies have shown that carefully screened patients in their 60s and beyond can be safely treated with bariatric surgery and these patients can achieve modest improvement in co-morbidities. However, older patients face increased surgical risks. And in clinical studies they lost less weight than younger patients.

Despite these risks, older adults are increasingly turning to weight loss surgery to help with morbid obesity. Some see it as a way to qualify for life-changing orthopedic surgery, leading to less pain and increased mobility. Others need help managing Type 2 Diabetes or reducing their risk for heart disease or stroke. And for many, the weight loss and improved health are significant.

If you are on Medicare, be sure to review the requirements for coverage carefully.

If you are interested in learning whether you meet the criteria for bariatric surgery, contact a Mercy Bariatric center. It’s not too late to begin your journey towards better health.

Bariatric Patient Testimonial

Tom Bess-King

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