Dang It—I Gained Weight!

I’m nearly three years out in my bariatric journey, and for the first time in those three years, I have to tell you about taking a few steps back. During the pandemic and quarantine period, I gained 25 lbs. This took about 14 months, and it’s hard to even admit (can you feel my frustration?). My first instinct when I had to come to terms with this new reality was to make excuses or feel a deep sense of shame. How did I let this happen? Why couldn’t I do better? The truth is, stuff happens, and when it does, you just have to get over yourself and fix it. I’m living proof that even the best laid plans can, without warning, go right out the door.

I’m working on it, guys. I’ve started swapping out some of my lower-quality food choices for better options, and I’m striving to get back to my pre-pandemic level of fitness. A rough winter and a death in the family set me back a bit, but I’m getting up and getting out every day to turn this around. In fact, just recently, I volunteered for the United Way Day of Caring (see photo), and I got out and got my heart rate up while helping out a great cause.

Here’s a few truths I’ve found during my journey to reclaim my win:

  • When in doubt, just drink a protein shake (meaning, not sure if you should eat it…don’t. Drink a shake, instead).
  • Even if you only have 5 minutes…get up and move. Its been hot here, but I’ve found I can walk 5-10 minutes outside before becoming a hot, sweaty mess. Do that several times a day, and you’ve got your walking in.
  • Hang out with people who encourage you! For me, it’s my husband who cheers me on every day, and walks with me every night even though he’s tired. I also have trusted friends who are always up for a walk when I call. If you don’t have a solid support network, join our online bariatric support group.

If you’re in the same boat as I am, let’s fix this together! Stay tuned for my next post—The comeback! 

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