Day 100 - The “Plate” Breakdown

There are many requirements to bariatric surgery. In fact, if you’ve ever heard anyone say that it’s an “easy way” out of obesity, they’ve clearly not done their homework.

In addition to monthly weight management appointments with my primary physician, a psychiatric evaluation and a surgery consult, I just recently met with a dietician to discuss changes that I will need to make to adjust to my post-bariatric surgery stomach. Let me just say, these are not easy changes.

Not all diets, but most of them, encourage small changes that can add up over time. Bariatric surgery, however, requires an entire nutritional makeover and a solid commitment to these changes going forward.

As a self-proclaimed serial yo-yo dieter, this was a pretty absolute realization. The real moment of truth came when receiving my “bariatric” plate, which helps with meal planning and portion sizes, post-surgery. It closely resembles a toddler’s section plate, but sans the fun cartoon characters to help soften the wakeup call it represents.

Please tell me I’m not the only bariatric patient to cry over a plate?

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