Day 155 - Deep Thoughts Part Two

The holding pattern continues.

I’m still doing everything I need to be doing…watching my eating, trying to get more physical activity in and preparing myself mentally for the journey ahead. In all of my research on bariatric surgery experiences, I’ve yet to find anyone talking about the reality of preparation for this major life change.

Sure, I enjoy seeing the spoils of success with before and after photos, but how did these people get there?

 When I first started on this journey, I was running head-first into this decision, excited and ready to take action. Nearly six months later, that decision resembles the family member that overstayed their welcome. You are ready for them to leave, so you can entertain different guests (maybe not the best analogy), but you get the picture. I am ready for the “decision” to finally become reality.

I’ve stopped mourning the foods that will be exiting my life (most of them are already gone), and I look forward to the things that will be entering my life after surgery, like improved health and a fresh outlook on life.

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