Day 200 - A Hungry Girl's Prayer

Before I get too far with this post, let me just assure you… the liquid diet is terrible.

There is nothing fun about it and unfortunately, it is just something you must endure in the spirit of making your surgery easier… period. I’m still that hungry girl from nearly seven months ago, and now I’m so “hangry” I have errant thoughts when I am scrubbing my face with apricot scented stuff, wondering if it tastes good. No, I haven’t eaten my face scrub yet, but I have gone to bed at weird times (like 6:30 p.m.), just so I could fall asleep and escape the misery.

It’s too late for the warning my husband should have received—I wish now that he could have just gone away for two weeks. My normally calm demeanor has been replaced with a wild, impatient beast that has a meltdown when I can’t get the childproof lid off of my protein shake fast enough.  

I’ve started praying more… not for myself, but those around me. “Lord, please let these people still like me after this is all over.” Day three of the liquid diet and counting….

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