Day 35 - Night Terrors

One of my biggest challenges with obesity has been the general daily struggle of not ever feeling very good. I’ve gotten so used to feeling like a car accident victim, that I’m having a hard time remembering a time when I actually did feel healthy and energized.

The biggest struggle, though, has been my inability to sleep well. It takes me way too long to fall asleep (I’m seriously uncomfortable), and when I do sleep, I don’t get enough oxygen, so I often wake up with headaches. Did I mention I’m awake several times a night, restless and uncomfortable? And if these things weren’t bad enough, I also have terrible nightmares to which I wake my spouse up with my screaming.

Honestly, I had gotten to the point where I dreaded bed time. And this brings me full circle to why I made the decision to pursue bariatric surgery - my body felt like it was breaking down, and in reality, it was.

For now, I have been put on an oxygen machine to sleep with at night, which is about as comfortable as sleeping with rocks in your bed.  And while I think I might be getting more “restful” sleep and the headaches have been reduced drastically, I still struggle to get comfortable and I wake up several times a night.

My hope is that weight loss through bariatric surgery will help me find peace again at night, or at the very least, untether me from the oxygen machine.

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