Day 40 - Holy Guacamole!

It’s really hard to not let your decision to pursue bariatric surgery rule your life. It is something that is always in my thoughts and I wonder things like “will this be the last taco I ever eat?”

I recently received a copy of the post-bariatric surgery diet I will be on following surgery. Honestly, it seemed pretty grim at first. But then I found avocado on the list of acceptable fats, and I immediately felt a sense of relief. If I could have avocado, I was pretty sure that I was going to be able to survive (yeah, it’s that important).

If you’re anything like I am, you need to know that there is something you can’t live without, waiting on the other side of bariatric surgery.

For me, it was guacamole, and this realization helped me stop obsessing over what I wouldn’t be able to eat after the surgery (well, I did still think about tacos a little).

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