Day 45 - Welcome to the Bald Side??

At the risk of sounding extremely vain, one of my biggest fears regarding the side effects of bariatric surgery is losing my hair due to malabsorption. When you are in this process, it’s easy to romanticize your life on the other side of surgery…”Thinner, happier and healthier.”

My daydreams don’t include me looking like a post-2007 Brittany Spears. I really, really like my hair, and I’m almost positive my head will resemble a worn out football if too much falls out.  

I’m one of those people who has to research something to death to set my mind at ease, so I took to the internet. I found out that it was a pretty common side effect, but there were ways to minimize the impact such as taking the correct vitamins and not skimping on your protein in your post-bariatric surgery diet.

Do I feel 100% reassured? Not really. But can I live with this knowledge? I believe so. Here’s hoping that I’m not posting “Welcome to the Bald Side Part II,” a few months after I have my surgery.

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