Five Months Post Surgery - Holiday Challenges

Oh the holidays…family, friends and FOOD (everywhere you look)! I’d love to be able to tell you that I breezed through this unscathed, but the truth is, I found myself face to face with many challenges (like pecan pie). I didn’t go nuts (pun intended). In fact, I stayed on track for the most part, but I did eat two bites of pecan pie…two delicious bites…sorry, not sorry. Life is messy and food is a big part of life. While I’ve changed my eating habits dramatically, there’s no way I can always do the “right thing” when I eat. My goal is to make good choices at least 85% of the time and allow myself to be human when faced with a dazzling array of holiday goodies a few times a year. 75 lbs. down and still going….

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