Four Weeks Post Surgery - Don’t Let Food Become the Enemy, or More Specifically, Baked Beans

It’s been four weeks since I had my surgery, and the biggest challenge I have found so far has been my new relationship with food. It’s no longer a source of comfort, but a necessity to live. When I mess up and eat something that my tiny stomach doesn’t like, it feels like I ate a brick, literally. And while it’s easy to be mad about this and blame the food, the finger must point back at me for shoveling it into my mouth.

Before I get on my soapbox, I should share that this post was inspired by baked beans… three bites of baked beans, to be exact. I thought since I tolerated refried beans, then I could have baked beans… WRONG. After some serious digestive discomfort and anger at the baked beans, I calmed down and realized that I’m going to make food mistakes, probably a lot of them. I can’t let myself start to see food as the enemy. One-month weight loss total- 22 lbs.

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