One Week Post Surgery - Dreaming...of Wontons?

Today I had my one-week post-surgery appointment. Between the surgery and the two-week liquid diet, I have lost 17 lbs. so far. Oh, happy day…this news certainly helps with my motivation level, but I’m getting bored with Malto-Meal and protein shakes.

I’ve entered some weird stage where I spend an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest, pinning high-protein, low-carb recipes I’m interested in trying once my stomach heals. My guess is this new-found interest in recipe pinning is spurred by a serious lack of variety in my diet.

Did you realize, wonton wrappers are low-carb, meaning you can fill them with many delicious healthy ingredients and create the perfect portion size after bariatric surgery? I’m quite the expert on wonton variations after finding more than 200 recipes I’d like to try. I’ll update you on some of my favorite recipes once I get to that stage—for now, I’m still just dreaming (of wontons). 

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