Six Months Post Surgery- No Excuses!


As a recovering yo-yo dieter, part of my failure formula from before surgery, revolved around finding excuses to avoid physical activity. For instance: “It’s too cold, hot, rainy, windy, sunny, dark, early, late or basically anything you can think of to skip physical activity.” Like all well-intentioned dieters, I always started strong, but as challenges came along, and it got harder and harder to stick to a plan, I gave up. This meant I lost all my progress and usually gained more weight back then I lost. Having bariatric surgery has given me a wonderful tool in my weight management strategy, so the last thing I want to do is give up on anything. In fact, it’s 25 degrees outside and I’m bundling up to walk after I finish writing this…no excuses!

P.S. My husband and I did take a short vacation on the beach to escape the harsh midwestern winter for a few days. Check out my six-month, post-surgery photo that shows 81 lbs. gone! 

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