Three Weeks Post Surgery - "Why Did I Eat One More Bite?"

Three weeks and counting—I’m eating a variety of soft foods now (thankfully… I don’t think I’ll ever eat Malto-Meal again).  Unsweetened strawberry applesauce is my new favorite and I have created a burrito in a bowl recipe that, quite frankly, gets me through the day sometimes (it’s the little things).

I still don’t have a very good bead on when an extra bite is too much… you know, the bite that won’t go into your stomach because it’s too full and brings you to your knees in agony? Actually, it puts me into the fetal position. You would think that after eating 3-4 times per day for a few weeks now, I would have this figured out by now. Sadly, I don’t.

There’s a tricky balance to eating after bariatric surgery… you can’t eat too fast, you must chew the heck out of everything that you put in your mouth, and if you take the dreaded “extra bite,” you’re going to be in agony…. for a very long time (like an hour).

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