Wheelchair Seating and Positioning


Being in a wheelchair doesn't mean you can’t be active and mobile. A properly fitted and adjusted wheelchair can make a big difference – promoting better posture, easing irritation due to rubbing, facilitating deeper breathing and increasing mobility.

Mercy’s experienced physical and occupational therapists help patients who need:

  • To be fitted or refitted for a wheelchair, scooter or power wheelchair
  • Adjustments or alterations to current seating system to increase comfort and mobility
  • Custom seating options

As part of the fitting process, Mercy offers pressure mapping. This involves placing a mat with sensors between you and your seat cushion that gives physical therapists information about how you sit. With this feedback, a physical therapist can provide you with the best cushion options to help improve comfort and mobility.

As always, our care team is here to work for you and answer questions you may have about wheelchair positioning and fitting. If you think you could benefit from a seating adjustment, please talk to your Mercy doctor. We want to keep you moving as safely and comfortably as possible. 

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