Welcome. With a nearly 200-year legacy, Mercy is grateful for the remarkable women who began our ministry and the Sisters who have sustained it through eight generations. Founded by Catherine McAuley in Dublin, Ireland, the Sisters of Mercy are responsible for thousands of meaningful ministries, including our own. 

Today, their legacy is carried on by 45,000 co-workers, with each of us answering the same call to offer health care that is innovative, compassionate and rooted in faith. 

It was our privilege to create this film biography of Catherine's exceptional life on behalf of the Mercy International Association. This is the same film that is shown to pilgrims visiting her House of Mercy in Dublin, and we hope her life inspires you as it does us.

In God Alone

The Story of Catherine McAuley

More than 200 years ago, a young Irish woman named Catherine McAuley woke up in the middle of the night, weeping. Once again, she dreamed of destitute women and children reaching out their hands to her for help.