TUG Autonomous Mobile Robots

TUG Autonomous Mobile Robots 

Meet TUG

Giving Mercy Care Teams More Time to Care

Mercy is making way for better patient care with our new fleet of TUG autonomous mobile robots.

What is TUG?

  • TUG is an autonomous mobile robot made specifically for hospitals.
  • TUG delivers linens, medications and meals, and helps keep the hospital clean, while reducing our co-workers’ physical workloads and their risk of injury.
  • TUG frees up our care teams to spend more time at the bedside with patients.
  • TUG has sensors that guide it through hospital spaces while steering clear of patients, visitors and caregivers. 

Will I See a TUG During My Hospital Stay?

There’s a good chance you’ll see a TUG while in the hospital. Though they don’t enter patient rooms, TUG travels the halls and elevators. There are some patient areas that TUG does not enter.