Mercy Graduate Medical Education - Rotations

Rotation Options at Mercy Hospital- St. Louis

For all other rotations request outside of Mercy Hospital St. Louis please contact that institution.

Mercy Graduate Medical Education offers rotations for 4th-year medical students and residents in the following departments. We are no longer able to offer observerships or sponsor externships for international medical graduates/students. Questions regarding all rotations should be directed to each individual department:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Items 1-5 must be completed and submitted as a packet (please do not send items separately), or your rotation will not be approved. All applications must be in six months prior to the rotation month you are requesting. 

  1. Application Form This form completed for each rotation you request to do at Mercy.
  2. Letter from your school stating that you are in good standing and the school will cover your malpractice/liability insurance ($1-3 Million) while rotating at Mercy- St. Louis.
  3. Current Verification of your FLU SHOT
  4. Current Verification of your COVID-19 vaccination
  5. Current Verification of your PPD
  6. Corporate Responsibility and Confidential Statement form signed.
  7. Please contact each department for additional required materials.

Submit all required documents to each department directly that you request a rotation from. Missing documentation will delay a response.

Questions regarding all rotations should be directed to each individual department. Contact information is on the back of the application.