Sunshine Run Gets Perfect Weather

October 10, 2011

Runner John Sweeny makes his way

to the finish line inside Hammons Field

for the 10k portion of the St. John’s

Sunshine Run Oct. 8, 2011.

(Photo courtesy Nathan Papes /

Springfield News-Leader)

About 1,300 runners laced up their running shoes on a sunny but breezy Saturday morning for the 32nd annual St. John's Sunshine Run, now a fall tradition in the Ozarks. The event, which began as a 10-kilometer race for St. John's Health employees, has grown into a major community event with one-mile, 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer distances.

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Top Finishers



1st, Jon Calvin; 17:24.3

2nd, Shane Logan; 17:25.2

3rd, Mike Feldt; 18:16.9

4th, Brian Hammons; 18:43.0

5th, Scott Podliska; 18:46.7


6th, Melissa Belk; 18:50.8

32nd, Sherry Thompson; 22:10.0

37th, Annesha Umbarger; 22:38.1

52nd, Caroline Tomanek; 23:19.6

58th, Sophia Tharp; 23:28.1



1st, Raymond Varner; 36:34.0

2nd, Brian Todd; 36:45.0

3rd, Mark Schiefelbein; 37:56.3

4th, Scott Draper; 39:25.4

5th, Jacob Taussig; 39:56.3


6th, Melissa Belk; 39:59.4

19th, Jessica Lakin ; 43:12.5

21st, Virginia Rogers; 43:26.2

22nd, Sanya Lenahan; 43:28.6

28th, Maranda Geren; 44:40.4

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