Davidson Receives Spirit Award

February 3, 2015


Lezley Davidson, RN

Lezley Davidson started working in health care when she was 16 years old – and she hasn’t stopped since.

After years of working as a surgical technician, Davidson went back to school and in 2007 received her nursing license.

Davidson, who is director of nursing surgical services for Mercy Hospital Ada, has done everything from C-sections to cath lab. She has enjoyed it all, but her home is in the operating room.

“I love being a nurse,” she said. “I love helping. Patients are coming in with a need and feeling better when they leave.”

All patients from Mercy Hospital Ada receive thank-you cards from every person who has been in contact with them throughout the process. Because so many people are involved, particularly when the patient is under anesthesia, this could be a dozen people or more.

 “It’s not just me as a single person,” she explained. “I can’t do my job without a huge team of people.”

Davidson loves the challenge of nursing, but her reward is a simple “thank you.” When a patient expresses gratitude, especially when someone recognizes her outside the hospital, it’s especially meaningful.

“One thank you can make my whole month,” she said.

Davidson continues to enjoy being by the bedside and starting IVs, but one of her favorite activities is teaching nursing students.

“The day that the light bulb goes off in their head and they get what we’re doing – that’s a timeless moment,” she said.

Davidson is one of 53 recipients of the Oklahoma Hospital Association’s 2014 Spirit Awards statewide. Recipients were chosen because they solved tough problems that had stymied others in their organizations.

“Lezley is a strong patient advocate and is passionate about providing each patient, that she has the privilege to serve, a warm and caring experience,” Karen Sweeney, vice president of nursing for Mercy Hospital Ada, wrote in Davidson’s nomination letter. “She helps her coworkers understand the views of patients by challenging them to see processes through the eyes of a patient. Her mission is to provide compassionate care and serve others. She finds meaning in doing God’s work and she knows that God works through everyone she touches throughout the day.”